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Review : BridesbyPB (


I had ordered  two lehengas from BridesByPB. And I loved one – the one I got for Sangeet. There were not many surprises there as I got the lehenga from the exact designer.

Not so much with the other lehenga-  which was copied from the design I gave. It looked nice but I was not really happy with the quality of the material used for the lehenga. And for the price I paid, I expected something better.

I guess, I should have done a little more background check about the designer who made my reception lehenga- should have asked Mehak to show samples of work she had already done. Something to be taken into consideration by both brides and the service provider.

The shopping service can be a real help if you know the designer and if you want to get hold of their work (if they are not accessible). Otherwise, it can be a hit/miss.


“Brides” by Peaches and Blush is a shopping service for Indians (or other desi’s) based outside India (or even those who are in India),  who want the most stunning Indian fashion pieces right from New Delhi

Why did I go to BridesByPB?

In Kolkata, I just had 15 days to shop for everything required for my wedding. I managed to complete my shopping for my actual wedding day. But sadly, I couldn’t find a nice lehenga for my reception.

After I came back to US, I had two options –

1. Go to one of the couture showrooms in US which charge around 2-3x what they do in India.

2. Find someone in India to do the shopping for you.

I opted for the second option. Initially I was kind of skeptical of going for a bridal shopping service in India. My mom thought that I had gone crazy. But still I was adamant that I wanted to give it a shot. And I am so glad that I did.  Throughout the process Mehak has been so wonderful and so responsible, that there have been times that I had to stop myself from contacting her to give orders for new stuff. She can get a little addictive. And sometimes, it feels like you have your own genie  :D :P

How do the entire process work?

1.       Budget. You have to set your budget before starting the process.

2.       She will send you photos of designs which fits under the budget

3.       Either you like her designs and place an order. Or you can send some of your own pictures and designs and she can see if she can get it made in your budget.

4.       She contacts the designers in Delhi, and gives you a quote. Best part, she always tries to work in your budget.

5.       After you send her the payment [quote +service charge] , she will get set to work.

6.       During the entire process, she will constantly keep in touch with you when deciding the colors, style and measurements.

7.       And you get to see the work in progress. I got pictures of the material she got for my blouse. And later when lehenga was half done, she sent me pictures of the first look as well.

8.       And after around 4 weeks of placing the order, your item will be ready to be shipped.

What I like about her service?

She is very prompt. I never had to wait for more than a day for her replies.

The entire process is very transparent. She keeps you involved throughout the process.

And you get her advice for free  :)

Also, you can order almost anything from her – shoes, sherwani, jewellery etc. The services include lot of items.

Will I order from her again ?

 I have already ordered couple of things from her. And I am definitely going to contact her again if someone in the family gets married.

So if you are like me , a bride who can’t go to India for shopping or if you are limited by time. You should definitely try contacting her. You won’t be disappointed. And it won’t hurt the purse either :)

Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes

Do you think these shoes will look good with a sari? My wedding sari has lots of golden zari work in it.

Will it look too western ? Maybe accentuate it with a payal to give it a more Indian look ! What do you guys think?


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