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Meet our New Bride : Kanaka

Meet our new bride : Kanaka who got married this January. She hails from Bangalore and she had her wedding in Bangalore and reception in Delhi. So lots of tips for brides from Bangalore and Delhi.

It was a small intimate Iyengar wedding with lots of Punjabi Tadka. I had fun talking to her few backs and I am sure you guys will love reading about it too.


How did you guys meet ?

Sameer is doing his PhD in computer science in Barcelona. But we met in Delhi through a common friend in a wedding. We chatted with each other all the time, and he convinced me to come to Barcelona for my masters. The following year that I spent in Spain was by far the best time of my life. Every day was insanely fun, and I realised how much fun I had hanging out with Sameer. Throughout the year we travelled around Europe, ate amazing food, tried (and failed) learning Spanish together, and just had an overall beautiful experience. Eventually we realized that we like other a lot and decided to take the next step :)

Tamil Iyengar Bride and Punjabi groom – What was your parent’s reaction when you told them ?

We had met each other’s parents separately. His family was very very sweet and I got along with them very well. And my parents loved Sameer – I think even more than me! So I didn’t really have to deal with any family drama, every one was pretty cool about the whole thing.

What Kind of Wedding – Iyenger or Punjabi ?

Sameer was a sweetheart about the whole thing. He was like – See, I don’t have any dreams of any ideal wedding , so we can go for what you want to do and then mix somethings up. So we decided to go for an Iyengar wedding with a Punjabi tadka :) I had my choora and kalirey. And Sameer was wearing his pagdi all the time during the wedding.

So how long did you get to plan your entire wedding?

I got engaged in October and then I just had 3 months to plan the whole Wedding.

3 Months!!! How did you plan the whole thing in 3 months?

I never wanted a big wedding. I always wanted to have a small wedding with say 100 people.When we started looking for a location, all the banquet halls were booked. And while googling, I stumbled upon this Neemrana Heritage Villa (Villa Pottipati) in the heart of Banglore. It’s a big house with beautiful vintage decor. It doesn’t have a lot of space but it was a perfect choice for a small intimate south indian wedding. And the good thing is they give you basically the entire property for the day. Also, it was available on such short notice because they never really had a big wedding over there and people never considered it as a plausible option for a wedding.

I have to tell you, I love the vintage look of your wedding outfits- classy and elegant. Tell us something about where you got your outfits.


The best part of south indian weddings is it’s all sarees. And my mom has this brilliant collection of Kanjeevarams. So I decided to wear one of my Mom’s kanjeevarams- a bright pink and orange saree for the major part of the wedding. And I changed into a mango yellow and maroon saree – a 9 yard saree (from Nalli’s ) for the Kanyadaan.


For Mehendi, I got a bright red and green patiala suit stitched for my mehendi. It was extremely comfortable for me to manage the suit and sit for hours with mehendi on my feet and hands.


We had a reception, the day before the wedding, for that I wore a classic deep green and red kanjeevaram with a gold palla. I fell in love with it as soon as I laid my eyes on it.


Up to this point it was pretty simple. The actual challenge was to find a befitting outfit for the Punjabi Delhi reception. It was going to be a glamorous evening and I was extremely nervous since I wanted to wear a lehenga but was just so tired of the expensive-but-average designs I had seen in Bangalore.I was googling a lot to find a designer and I accidentally landed upon IFE and I loved their work.


I started a conversation with them and I sent Farha pictures of what I wanted – I always wanted a champagne gold outfit.  Farha called me up all the way from UK and we discussed what I exactly wanted. She and I would discuss every inch of the dress in detail and were on the same page throughout.  And when the lehenga arrived, it was a pleasant surprise as they delivered 3 days before I expected.  The lehenga was extremely beautiful!!! I loved it :)


Where did you get your makeup and hair done. I loved it , it was simple and classy!

For the reception and wedding I had this duo Lekha And Meghana do their magic on me. I had gone for trials a month before the functions and they created the exact look and hairstyle I had wanted for both the events, giving me the classy vintage look I wanted.


For the Delhi reception I had booked an appointment with Renuka Pillai. I hadn’t taken any trials but her assistant Pallavi (also her niece) heard me out and gave me her take on the subtle yet glamorous look for my very elegant lehenga. It was brilliant.


Tell us something about your photographer. Also tell us about the Selfie moment.

The mehendi, reception and wedding were shot by Myriad Hues. They were a team of four really nice, friendly guys who built a great rapport with all guests over the wedding weekend and made everyone extremely comfortable with the camera. The shooting for the reception in Delhi was done by Prem Studios, who were very quick in delivering the movie and photos and did a really good job too.

During the bangalore reception, everyone left by 10. So after everyone left, we were just chilling with friends and clicking pictures of each other. That was the time we clicked that selfie.

Any advice you want to all the readers out there?

My advice would be to just chill out on your wedding day! I know it’s easier said than done, but all the running around you’ve done leading up to that day will speak for itself. If something goes wrong, do not panic! There are loads of friends and relatives around you who will take care of it. Enjoy your big day and be happy!


Photography: Myriad Hues and Prem Studio| Wedding 9 Yard Saree: Nalli| Make-up Artist: Lekha And Meghana and Renuka Pillai | Reception Lehenga : IFE | Wedding Venue : Neemrana Heritage Villa

“Two hours that changed my whole life” – Dikshita Sona


Destiny plays a very important role in our life. A random conversation with a stranger can land you to your new job. A chance meeting can lead you to finding your soulmate or your next best friend. And a 2 hour meeting changed our next bride’s life completely. Meet Dikshita Sona, who had a candid conversation with me about her fairytale wedding.

How did you guys meet?

It was the last day of my exams. And I was all set to party the next day. But my mom calls up and insists me to take the next flight to meet this guy, as she thought that he would be perfect for me. I was in Dubai. And he had come from the US for just a week and my only chance to meet him was if I took the next flight out. But seriously, that was not how I wanted to celebrate the end of my exams. Anyway, being the obedient girl I am, I listened to her. [Did you really believe that was true! LOL She used lot of emotional blackmail to convince me .. :D ]

I met Nipun amidst all our relatives. Perfect setting for any movie by Sooraj Barjatya :P. Do you remember the scene from Vivaah – where shy Amrita Rao meets the outgoing Shahid Kapoor, and she could hardly utter a word. Well .. it was nothing like that. It was 2 hours of continuous talking and smiling. We really connected well and we really liked each other’s company. And our parents had to finally call us back :P

Wow .. that’s an amazing start. What happened next? Who proposed ?

Well, I had to fly back to Dubai the same evening. And he had to leave for the US. So we met just for 2 hours that day. And after that day, we talked on phone for hours. And we really loved talking. I was always on phone. My friends thought that there was something wrong with me as I would always be on the phone. But we just loved talking to each other.

“If you have to know more about me , You have to marry me!”

And one fine day, he asks me – So what else do you want to know about me.  And then Nipun goes – If you want to know more about me , You will have to marry me. I was like – Are you serious? Are we taking the next step ?

And then we told everything to our parents and they were really excited to know that we finally decided to get married. Everyone in the family, his and mine, had been waiting for this. He proposed me sometime around Holi and we got engaged in April :D

What happened after engagement? How did you do your wedding planning? 

Our wedding planning was an international affair which involved lot of multi way conferences. My twin sister Nikita lives in London. My mom and me were in Mumbai. My dad is in Shanghai. So all of our planning happened over skype and facetime calls. My sister used to setup agenda for each meeting and we used to have at least 3 or 4 people involved in a skype session.

[ Editor’s tip to all NRI brides. If you have family scattered all over the world, you can use skype/facetime/whatsapp  to plan your entire wedding. You can use these skype/facetime sessions even for your sangeet practice. A little difficult but manageable ]

My mom did most of my wedding shopping. She is a designer herself and has a really good taste of clothes. My main wedding day outfit was from Aza which is a multi designer store. They usually keep collections from most of the well known designers. There, I saw a Sabyasachi outfit , tried it and just fell in love with it. I did not want a red outfit and was looking for something different. So I chose a yellow lehenga and paired it with a blue blouse. And the dupatta was pink. So it was a unique mix of colors.

Let’s talk about the different wedding events. And which one was your favorite.


I had a hard time sitting still during the entire time. Mehendi Wala was like – “Madam aap mat hiliye”. But I could not stop myself and I had to get up and dance with everyone. And Mehendi became even more special because Nipun visited me and sat with me while I was getting my mehendi done :)131246_544013982296179_1772020439_o

I love her phoolon ka maang tikka ] 


Haldi was a fun event. I caught hold of all my friends and we were literally playing Holi with each other :)



It was the first formal function of the wedding. The venue was superb, there were flowers everywhere. The decoration was really pretty. It was the highlight of the entire wedding. Everyone danced , including his parents and my parents. We had lot of performances. I performed on Bahara Bahara :) Even my sister did a performance who usually never dances. It was a really special event.

I wore an outfit by Anamika Khanna – a fluorescent pink and lime green outfit. I loved the outfit as it was so light and I could dance freely.



My wedding started at 1 am in the morning. Before it started, we had a small reception, where I wore the Sabyasachi Lehenga. For the actual pheras , I changed into a yellow saree paired with the dupatta by Sabyasachi. And we had the bidaai at 4am in the morning. I had to change into a red saree which was given to me by the groom’s side.

Wow that’s lot of outfits for one night. Here’s a glimpse at each of the outfits. Love every single one of them. 






Now that you are married. How has been the life so far.

It’s an experience. Every day I discover something new about Nipun.  It’s like getting surprised everyday. And good thing is it has been good surprises so far ..And I look forward to many more of them :)

Thank you Dikshita for sharing your wedding moments with our readers.  We wish you a very beautiful life and an amazing  journey with Nipun.


Photography Courtesy : Photo Daaku


Review: Rangoli Park Street

I love this store for its anarkalis and party sarees. If you want ritu kumar and sabyasachi knock-offs , you will probably find them here. Also, this store has a pretty good collection of wedding lehengas and can do a lot of customizations based on your preferences.

What I like

They have a lovely collection of party sarees and anarkalis. And the fact that the salesmen here are really attentive!

What I dislike

It’s a little overpriced when compared to the other stores in Kolkata.

Price range of a wedding lehenga

The lehengas usually range from 25k – 80K+.

Will I go back?

Yes. If I need to buy a nice anarkali or a party saree, I will definitely go here first.


97 Park Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016, India

+91 33 4007 1717

Review : Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal

While shopping for my wedding sarees, this was my go-to store for my wedding trousseau. It’s a three storied building with everything – from taant and tasar to georgette/chiffon for parties or zardosi / banarasi / kanjeevaram for weddings. You name it, you will find it here . FYI, the sari that I almost got for my wedding – the red saree featured in this post – Saga of My Wedding Sari- Part 1 was from this store.

What I like

The huge collection of sarees. You will not leave the store empty handed.

What I dislike

Sometimes you need to be really patient with salesmen to get what you want. Still its better than most stores in kolkata in customer service.

Also, If you are looking for a lehenga, this is not the place to be. They have some collection – but their quality is not upto the par when it comes to lehenga

Price Range for Wedding Saree

Banarasi sarees for weddings range anywhere from 15k – 35K.

Will I go back?

Yes. If I need to buy a saree in Kolkata , this will be my first stop. Period.


79/2 Mahatma Gandhi Road
Kolkata – 700 009


56 Days to the Wedding ..

Just 56 Days for the Wedding left .. And Here’s where I am right now !

1. Wedding Outfit   – Done . Have sent the blouse for stitching. Got a nice hot pink dupatta in net to go with it. I am still deciding how should I drape the sari. I am 5’3″ and I was wondering if having the pallu on front will make me look shorter ? Any ideas here anyone?

I am almost done with the jewelry for the reception. Still need to get stuff like hath phool , maang tikka , anklets etc..

2. Reception Outfit – Have placed the order. Should be finished by 2nd week of dec . Jewelry – have got my neckpiece, earrings and mang tikka. Need to get matching bangles with the outfit.

3. Mehendi Outfit  – I wanted to get the mehendi done in the morning so that I can enjoy the sangeet at night. I havent decided what am I going to wear for it though. I like the idea of wearing a long skirt with a corset . For jewelry, I am get a nice pair of earrings matching with the outfit.

4. Sangeet Outfit . Have placed the order. Should be finished by 2nd week of dec. Jewelry – Need to decide!

5. Haldi Outfit – Done! Nothing to improvise here – Mom got a yellow sari with red border .. Maybe I can wear floral jewelry at my Haldi .. Do all Ferns n Petals carry floral jewelry?

6. Bidai Sari –  Yet to buy. Looking for a nice Kanjeevaram saree ..

5.  Wedding Decoration – Can’t really do much here. Decorator has to be the same person that hotel recommends . Have given him my designs – Keeping my fingers crossed !

6. Invitations – We decided to get our own invitations (apart from the ones that our parents have ordered) . Have placed the order. Waiting for the delivery :)

7. Photographer – Done! (Booked Anirban Brahma the day my wedding date was decided)

8. Videographer – Done!

9. Makeup Artist – This was a tricky one! Initially was thinking of doing my own makeup (big mistake!) but ended up getting a MUA from a different city . Again keeping my fingers crossed as I haven’t had a chance of getting my trial from her..

10. Trousseau – Almost done. Have to find matching accessories to go with the dresses .

11. Accessories –  Not much done here . Need to get bangles, earrings and purses to go with my outfits.

12.   Shoes –  Still deciding on the heels I want to get . I have seen some pairs which I like but havent got them yet. For the sangeet, I want a pair of comfortable dance shoes – maybe a comfortable pair of Salsa heels . [EDIT : Yay! Got a nice pair of dancing shoes for my Sangeet!]

13. Need to book – Mehendi Artist , Wedding Choreographer ( Do I need one? ) . Also need to find a bakery which will bake a nice tiered cake for my reception!

14. Need to plan – Sangeet performances (It’s going to be a toughie as we are so much spread out. And we are a family of non-dancers ! )

15. Logistics (Venue/Food/Accomodation/Transport) – Done! 

16. Gifts for the In-Laws – Not a lot of progress here ..

Phew! That was a long list. And so much left to be done !

Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes

Do you think these shoes will look good with a sari? My wedding sari has lots of golden zari work in it.

Will it look too western ? Maybe accentuate it with a payal to give it a more Indian look ! What do you guys think?


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